The 2024 Xincode Technology Annual dinner was grandly held

On January 27, Foshan Xincode Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2024 Annual dinner in Foshan. With the theme of "Prosperous Year of the Loong, Create a Better Future Together", all  staff gathered together and worked together to look forward to a wonderful 2024. We will continue to make progress and continue to create business value for our customers with professional services and high-quality products, and empower the high-quality development of various enterprises in the wave of digital transformation and upgrading.








  • The leader of company gave an impassioned speech

Mr. Cheng Yong, general manager of Xincode Technology, delivered a speech at the annual dinner, calling on all people to work together to resonate with customers in 2024. With the mission of "being the popularizer of global barcode applications", we firmly believe in working together with customers to develop together and draw a beautiful and magnificent industry landscape. In the rapidly changing market environment, we uphold the spirit of innovation and continue to create value for customers. We strive to achieve customer success and achieve a leading position in the industry.



  • Exciting programs show company culture

A colleague with strong business ability is also a "slash". Each one also possesses unique skills to present a visual and auditory feast to everyone at the annual dinner. The wonderful program received repeated applause from the audience. Thank you again to every colleague who participated in the show. It is precisely because of your active participation that such a grand annual ceremony is possible.





  • The highlight moment is crowned with glory. Thank you for being extraordinary.

The development and growth of the company is inseparable from a group of hard-working employees who are meticulous, work tirelessly and adhere to their jobs. They are the solid backing of colleagues in the department and the foundation for the company to grow stronger. At the annual ceremony, employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company's development in the past year are commended. It is precisely because of your hard work that you continue to contribute to the development and growth of company.






Looking forward to 2024, All the staff will adhere to their original aspirations, set sail, ride the wind and waves, and be at the forefront of customer and market development. As a popularizer of barcode applications around the world, we firmly believe that only by adhering to professional services, using keen market insights, and going all out to make market planning for customers, we will surely gain the recognition and trust of customers. I wish our customers and partners good business success. I wish all the company’s family members happiness and good health in all seasons!


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